addwish wish list is shutting down

Dear addwish user,

We are sorry to inform you that the addwish wishlist service is closing down. This decision has been made after a long period of consideration.

The service has been available for almost a decade, but we have not been able to find and dedicate the time to keep it at the quality level we believe such service should have. We will be forever grateful for all the wish lists you created throughout the years and the trust you put in us to keep them safe. It is what made this decision so hard.

The addwish wishlist function, is serviced and provided by the company Hello Retail ApS, which offers a range of other services for ecommerce. These services and solutions will not be affected in any way when we close down the free wishlist service.

As of June 15th 2022, the wishlist service will no longer be available on the addwish domain, as well as on mobile devices.

We are sorry about any issues you might experience in this regard, and we do hope that you find other good ways to keep track of your gift list registry.

Kind regards.

Kasper Refskou Jensen – CEO,